Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Freaks of the week and rainbow kimchi fermentation

A beet with a huge exterior tumor (i am not going to eat that) some tomatoes shaped like guns and wannabe octopi, and a beautiful rainbow kimchi fermentation.. it came out delish, contact me for fermentation directions......


  1. wow! what is your veggie-shredding technique? also, do you add any whey at the beginning a la sally fallon, or do you start it off with plain old salt?

  2. i use a julliene shredder (this wooden thing made in austria - a "silvretta") for the cabbage (i used a red cabbage and a savoy cabbage here for a lovely pink finished product) and just a regular cheese grater for the carrot and ginger, and then i just chop up and toss in the hot pepper and garlic... no whey for me as i am dairy-product phobic (sal fal uses whey in literally everything)... just lots of salt and the occasional dash of sugar... i let it ferment in its own juices, which the salt has drawn out of the cabbage, as opposed to making a brine... i think it tastes better... yum, lactobacilli